Politics of Planning

Politicians have the ultimate vote over whether or not to grant consent to a planning application.

Therefore, understanding the political atmosphere that surrounds a proposed scheme is crucial for any developer. This includes knowing:

  • How the political scene might change in the months leading up to determination of a planning application, for example, is an election due to take place? What is the likelihood of a change in administration at the local authority you are dealing before the determination of your application and how might this affect your application? What impact might new and evolving planning policy have on planning decision-making?
  • The requirements of local politicians with regard to development schemes that are being put forward in their local authority.
    Roland Dransfield Public Affairs can undertake political analysis to determine any or all of the above. Armed with this analysis, we can then help developers to shape and deliver a scheme that meets both planning and political requirements, with a view to ultimately winning planning permission.