The Roland Dransfield Way

We couldn’t expect to build purposeful relationships with our clients without making sure that we behave purposefully ourselves – both in and out of work. After undergoing a transformational process, we created The Roland Dransfield Way. A set of fifteen principles to which we hold ourselves accountable.

1: Sweep the Sheds

Be proud to share the responsibility, no matter how small.

2: No D*******s

Character and talent will get you through the door, but integrity will keep you here.

3: Never leave the game early

We leave after we have given it our all. Always.

4: Leaders create leaders

Take responsibility because successful teams have leaders throughout their ranks.

5: Champions do extra

Better ourselves.
Better our clients.
Better our business.

6: We prepare to win so we can win.

Make quality a habit.

7: Keep it real

After every success we start again.

8: Admit it, fix it. Move on

Humble enough to see our mistakes, courageous enough to admit them, wise enough to correct them.

9: Walk a mile in another’s shoes

We don’t judge others.
We listen. We empathise. We learn.

10: We say thank you

And when we say thank you we mean it.

11: No integrity slippage

Do what you say you would do, when you said you would do it, the way you said you would do it.

12: We mean business. And we behave like we mean business

Because the way you present yourself and your work has a profound impact on your career.

13: Loyalty. Always.

We put in more than we take out. Purposeful Relationships last a lifetime.

14: Leave Roland Dransfield in a better place

Play for the name on the front of the shirt. Not the back.

15: Plant trees you’ll never see

Leave things in a better place out of respect for those that follow you. Always.