Digital Crisis Management

The digital era has enhanced the pace of modern communications to an unprecedented degree and reputations that have taken years to build can be wrecked in mere seconds. This is where digital crisis management comes in.

You no longer need look at the papers and traditional media for breaking news, a tweet can cause irreparable damage to your brand if you have no crisis planning to address situations.

We’ve got decades’ of experience in crisis management and know just how important it is to have the right checks and balances in place to prevent knee-jerk communications and deliver a clear and concise reaction if and when the time comes.

Roland Dransfield is a firm believer that vigilance is the key to avoiding PR disasters and are committed to monitoring your online presence to detect and react to problems as early as possible. We know the signs that indicate a budding PR crisis and realise that your first response will shape everything that follows.

Releasing a press release a couple of days after the fact just doesn’t cut it in the digital era and we can provide training, consultancy or outsourced services that will let you react to a burgeoning crisis in a timely and effective manner.

So whether you want to find out more about digital crisis management PR or simply want to talk through what we can offer you, get in touch today for an obligation-free chat.