With so many ways to deploy marketing budgets, it’s more important than ever to identify the effectiveness of your efforts and prove return on investment. The digital team at Roland Dransfield offer a range of web analytics and campaign measurement services to give you a clear picture of your performance.

We use a range of cutting-edge social and CRM tools, as well as firm favourites like Google Analytics to give you the low-down on how your campaign is progressing. We also offer consultancy analytics services and can dip into your data to provide recommendations on ways to hone your campaign to achieve better results.

So whether you want to set up A/B or multivariate testing for an email marketing campaign, get recommendations on social media analytics tools or simply want us to measure the success of a single campaign – we can help.

The digital team at Roland Dransfield can tell you who is visiting your website, what they do there and how they got there. You can outsource your web or social media analytics needs to us or we’re happy to train your in-house staff on how to use a range of analytical tools and interpret statistical data. Understanding these facts and figures can really take your marketing efforts to the next level.