A bit about Roland Dransfield

Founded at a kitchen table in Sale, Roland Dransfield is the brain child of our CEO and founder, Lisa Morton. 

Lisa named the company after her godfather (the handsome chap in the picture). Roland was the first real entrepreneur Lisa knew. His infectious enthusiasm, charisma, style, humour and above all, integrity, truly inspired Lisa to follow her own entrepreneurial spirit and launch her own agency. 

It was the integrity and authenticity of Roland that really struck with Lisa, becoming one of the founding principals of the agency. 

in 2018, Roland Dransfield underwent a transformational change, to focus on the Purposeful Relationships we create as we do our jobs. We also formalised our principles, creating the Roland Dransfield Way.

During 2020 we’ve adapted a more flexible way of working together, but our principals, authenticity and The Roland Dransfield Way have guided us through uncertain times and made our team closer.

Roland Dransfield

Our people

We’ve been called, well, a lot of things – but the one that rings true is the oldest new kids on the block. We work to push the envelope and make brave decisions, whilst being true to our principles.

Lisa Morton
CEO & founder

Maria Murphy
Client Services Director

Eleanor Gorick
Account Manager

Shae Grimshaw
Account Executive

Amelia Camilleri

Account Executive

Natasha Brook
Executive Assistant & Finance Manager

Milo Price Phillips

Junior Account Executive

Industry Recognition

Over the years, our work has been recognised by our peers and our industry.

Our Work

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Our Work

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