Media Training

We will teach you how to deal with a TV crew, a radio microphone or a print journalist with confidence.

Roland Dransfield’s team of experienced and award-winning journalists will share their specialised insider knowledge and secrets to help you navigate the most hostile or controversial questions with confidence – whilst ensuring you get your key messages across.

We have decades of experience training spokespeople in the private and public sector and will share the techniques that will ensure your organisation is always presented in the best light.

Our practical media training sessions will show you exactly how to put your best foot forward with the media and show you the pitfalls to avoid.

As an additional service, Roland Dransfield offers a half day training workshop with our specialist crisis communications experts, that would further prepare your spokespeople for handling any type of internal or external issue that may lead to a public or stakeholder reaction.

This training workshop would guide your spokespeople through all aspects of how to handle print, online, social media and broadcast requests, as well as informing stakeholders.

We would also provide you with a robust crisis communications protocol and ensure spokespeople feel confident and fully informed on all communications for any eventuality.