Lisa Morton – Founder and CEO

It makes me happy when I know we have been able to help a business or an individual by making an introduction, finding an opportunity or coming up with an idea that makes a real difference to them.

During my career, I have been privileged to meet so many incredible people with fascinating stories to tell – whether this has been success through adversity, a genius invention, a burning ambition, a desire to bring about change or a wish to help others less fortunate. I love helping to take these stories to an even wider audience and use them to make connections which can have long-lasting and often invaluable impact.

I am proud that over the past 24 years, the amazing team at Roland Dransfield has helped to create hundreds of close and long-lasting business and personal relationships between brands, businesses, clients, media, charities, fellow teammates and ourselves– and that in doing so, we have created our own unique story.