Manchester entrepreneur brings sanitisation product to landmark local venues

Posted by Eleanor Gorick Jun 23, 2020 10:20:41 AM

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Superyacht sterilising mist utilised by The Stock Exchange, Hotel Football, The Lowry Hotel and OBI offices

A local businessman has been working with some of Manchester’s biggest brands to ready their spaces for returning to work, as businesses begin to welcome staff back.

Nigel Morton, from Sale, created PuraMyst whilst in Majorca on mega-yachts and cruise ships in the Mediterranean, initially creating it in 2014 to curb the spread of Norovirus and MRSA on board. The ultra-fine mist ‘acts like a dry fog’ and sterilises everything it touches, and is safe for humans and animals to ingest.

Now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nigel has brought PuraMyst to land, collaborating with businesses such as The Lowry Hotel, real estate consultancy firm OBI and GG Hospitality-owned The Stock Exchange Hotel – which have been utilising the mist to keep their venues safe as employees look to return to workplaces.

“I’m from Manchester and to be able to develop the business here is fantastic”, explained Nigel.

“The standards required for sanitisation at sea are extremely high and we are able to bring those standards right into the heart of a business, so employees and visitors feel safe. The process of misting and sterilising a superyacht is identical.

“We’ve carried out full sanitisation of the hotels free of charge, as we are proud to be helping our NHS heroes and doing our bit to keep them safe.”

PuraMyst uses a safe biocide which is dispersed using specialist equipment to turn it into a dry fog, which is human-friendly and food-safe – so businesses won’t need to evacuate their spaces of people. It is deadly towards airborne pathogens and touch viruses and leaves no residue.

Nigel continued: “Returning to work is back on the agenda for companies of all shapes and sizes now. Having a contagion in your office environment can be catastrophic for productivity and custom, as well as staff welfare.

“As the economy is continuing to see a downturn, getting our local businesses operational has never been more important. Our local independents in particular urgently need support, and we’re hopeful that PuraMyst can be a crucial step in helping them to get their doors back open to the public.”

Puramyst conforms to guidelines according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for substances that are effective in breaking down Coronavirus and all the PuraMyst operatives are W.H.O trained. PuraMyst operatives also appear more user- friendly as the non-toxic nature of the mist negates the need for hazmat or sanitisation suits, and its food-safe status means it can be sprayed safely in commercial fridges and freezers.

PuraMyst’s sterilisation service is currently offered to offices, hotels, restaurants and bars, schools, care homes, retail outlets and supermarkets, and in residential homes.

“I’m hopeful that it can really help make a difference,” added Nigel. “The uniqueness of the product, and the fact that it can be used when people are around, means that hopefully I can play a small part in helping to get Manchester back on its feet.”