How to be purposeful
  • How to be Purposeful

    We couldn’t expect to build purposeful relationships with our clients without making sure that we behave purposefully ourselves – both in and out of work. Here is how we try to do it at Roland Dransfield.

  • 01

    Be Authentic

    Always be true to yourself. Be open to explore and learn.

  • 02

    Take Ownership

    Is this the best I can do? We ask ourselves this about every piece of work or action we take. Accept credits for the successes you achieve.

  • 03

    Never Fear Failure

    Don’t worry about not achieving everything you set out to do. It is the intent that is important. If you live without failure you live without growth.

  • 04

    Be Decisive

    Be clear on what you want to achieve. Make decisions that feel right to you and move on.

  • 05

    Reject Perfectionism

    You'll be forever waiting for the perfect moment to act. Make a start and adjust as you go.

  • 06


    Be fully present and have a genuine interest in others. People really value being listened to.

  • 07

    Enjoy Yourself

    We don't take ourselves too seriously and we laugh all the time. Enjoy the small stuff as much as the major moments.

  • 08

    Keep Moving

    Don't dwell on the past. You can't change it. Decide what you want to keep from it and use it to shape the future.

  • 09

    Know Your Limits

    Ask for help when you need it. People like to help and you get to learn.

  • 10

    Be Kind

    It costs nothing.