What is PR

The dictionary definition of Public Relations is...

“The profession or practice of creating and maintaining goodwill of an organisation’s various publics (customers, employees, investors, suppliers, etc.), usually through publicity and other forms of communication”.

We think the definition is wrong...

Public Relations

This definition of the craft we have honed for so long is transactional, lacking in warmth and, really, in clarity. The same criticisms could be made of how PR is typically delivered too.

We believe we need to bring our brand essence to the forefront of what we do, giving the ‘PR’ acronym a
fresh, new meaning – creating a whole new space in the market.

For us, PR is about Purposeful Relationships.

Purposeful Relationships (PR) are the product of communication, of inquisitive questioning and genuinely caring about each other’s reality. It is only with this level of intimacy that we can hope to improve the state of things for our clients, in whatever form that takes.

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