Crisis Communications Training

Every organisation is vulnerable to crises. Are you equipped to handle the fallout?

Our crisis communication training sessions share best practice in responding during a crisis situation to ensure your reputation remains intact and your bottom line is protected.

We’ll impart the skills and confidence you’ll need to deal with the fallout from major incidents and put together robust response strategies to protect both individuals and the organisation as a whole.

This training is ideal for in-house teams that are responsible for managing the public-facing reputation of a business, or individuals who’ll be expected to tackle responses to the press during a major incident.

Our crisis communications training will:

  • Highlight likely scenarios that may affect you and how these may evolve over time
  • Deliver a fully-prepared crisis communications plan
  • Provide you with a robust strategy and the necessary skills to respond to the media during a crisis situation
  • Impart best practice through real-life examples of responses and also the pitfalls to avoid