Moving on up – CRL flies the flag for women in structural defects insurance

Posted by Sam Hughes Apr 12, 2016 9:38:24 AM

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CRL-Tracy Mcleod-4430STRUCTURAL defects insurance specialists CRL is encouraging more women with an appetite for adventure to consider a career in the sector as it looks to boost numbers working in the profession.

The firm, which arranges specialist insurance for anyone building a residential property, is flying the flag for women to excel and has a number of women in senior and non-traditional roles.

Intrepid by nature, CRL aren’t afraid to break the mould with stereotypes. The firm is proving it is more important to have the right person in the right job regardless of whether they are male or female.

CRL’s Head of Underwriting Jennifer Hamilton and President of Sales Michele Mauchel are both in senior roles within the business and are proof that the glass ceiling is being smashed at CRL.

Jennifer, who has worked in insurance risk management for 27 years, said: “I joined CRL just over a year ago as an underwriting manager but after a period of rapid growth I was promoted to head up the team.

“In the old days the insurance sector was a man’s world, but thankfully this is changing, especially at CRL. They recognise that it is more important to have the right person for the right role.

“Women have so many skills that they can bring  – excellent time management skills, attention to detail, ability to adapt to changing situations and an understanding that the customer comes first.”

Michele joined CRL four years ago as a sales rep after being made redundant from her previous job.

“I joined CRL on the bottom rung of the ladder but I knew it was an opportunity with good prospects,” said Michele.

“Luckily, CRL saw my potential. I had 20 years of experience selling insurance and they gave me the opportunity to build my team and prosper. I have grown with the company from a sales rep to President of Sales – with a team of 35.

“Within the company there is a lot of support for women to get ahead and succeed. However, whether you are male or female it’s about making sure you have the right people for the right job.”

Michele’s daughter Jamie Cholwich has also joined CRL’s team of experts who guide their clients through the process of making sure the homes they are building have the best structural defects insurance warranties in place.

Jamie, Senior Vice President of Sales, said: “CRL is a great place to work, they are very supportive and if you have the will to succeed they’ll support you all of the way. Thankfully for my generation there is no distinction between the sexes, it’s about the best person for the job.”

Mother-of-three Tracy joined the experts in structural defects insurance in February and is paving the way for other female surveyors to break stereotypes and excel in non-traditional roles.

At home on building sites in her hard hat and PPE gear, Tracy is up and down ladders and scaffolding all day inspecting residential properties from foundation level right up to build completion.

“Although I’ve only been with CRL a short time they are incredibly supportive of me as a working mother. I’m very ambitious and I know where I want to go with my career.

“It feels like CRL can see ability in me and that is really inspiring and motivating. They are encouraging me to go for my Chartership and will fund and support me in my studies.

“Juggling work and home life can be difficult but I have a fantastic childminder. CRL gives me the flexibility to manage my workload, if I am not on site I work from home and thanks to technology we can use video conferencing for meetings.”

If you have an appetite for adventure and would like to join CRL’s team of experts, please visit our website to find out more about our current vacancies.

CRL arranges structural defects insurance to protect thousands of new venture throughout the UK and Ireland. Arranging fast, flexible cover, warranties that are arranged by the in-house team who are dedicated to providing great deals and the highest quality of customer service.