Cheshire Connect supports growth plans of charity for disadvantaged children through skills sharing

Posted by Sam Hughes May 3, 2016 10:26:57 AM

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Donna Cheshire ConnectA charity that supports disadvantaged children is continuing to grow thanks to a skill-sharing partnership set up by Cheshire Connect.

Passion for Learning works in schools in some of the deprived areas of Ellesmere Port and Chester.

Children supported are typically from low income families with a variety of day-to-day challenges who struggle with learning and lack confidence and self-esteem, sometimes seeing themselves as failures at a very young age.

Passion for Learning recruits volunteers from all walks of life willing to go into, schools and establish a relationship with individual children. By sharing books, playing games, doing art and crafts and tackling projects together the volunteers aim to spark a passion for reading and learning, a curiosity about their world and, most important of all, ambition and hope for the future.

Passion for Learning is at a cross-roads in terms of growth and expansion and needed to re-assess priorities and plan for a sustainable future. Following an in-depth conversation with the management team at Passion for Learning Cheshire Connect brought together a number of charities, businesses and talented individuals to create a partnership to share skills and expertise with the organisation.

Donna Okell, chief executive of Cheshire Connect, said: “Passion for Learning is playing a vital role in supporting disadvantaged children and their families and I am delighted that a robust process is being undertaken to secure a viable and effective future for its activities.

“Using Cheshire Connect’s contacts and relationships has enabled a highly talented group of people from the business, voluntary and community sectors to collaborate in an expertly facilitated environment to examine issues and opportunities for development.”

Diane Clark, Director of Passion for Learning, said: “We are very grateful to Cheshire Connect for their support in bringing together some great people to help us.

“We have some new partners, friends and supporters and a renewed confidence and excitement in the work we do and about the future.

“Working with Cheshire Connect has made it possible for us to connect and engage more effectively with the local business community. We would like to give a big thank you to everyone in all sectors who has helped us on our journey.”

Following discussions with one of Cheshire Connect’s business connectors a short-term plan of action was devloped to bring together key staff, stakeholders, Board members and volunteers to  review current work, explore new opportunities and plan for the future.

Donna also offered support to the Board in this process, bringing an independent view to their activities and working with them to set realistic objectives for the future.