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Working with a new PR agency can be a daunting prospect for many. To help you understand how we work, we’ve put together an FAQ on what working with Roland Dransfield will be like.

PR Agency FAQ:


>> How do you structure your fees?

As we are a consultancy, our fees are based on the amount of time spent on your account. Each retained account has a specific number of days allocated each month. If you would prefer to work on a project or fixed-fee basis then we would be happy to talk this through with you.

>> Do you do one-off projects?

Manchester PR agency

Yes, of course. We can work on either retainer (i.e. month by month) or a fixed-fee basis, depending on your requirements. We would provide you with a quotation beforehand and we would highlight any additional fees before embarking on additional work. That means that you’ll never receive an invoice from us that you weren’t expecting.

>> Do you offer flexible arrangements?

Yes. We want your business to succeed and so we are happy speak with you to agree a contract and payment terms that meet your specific requirements.

>> Do we have to be on a retainer?

No, although we do recommend clients to work on a retained or fixed-fee basis to ensure they benefit from all of the resources available to them.

>> Do you have different pricing structures depending on the team’s experience?

Roland Dransfield prides itself on having a diverse team that brings a wealth of experience in different areas to bear on any project. Alternatively, we can provide you with a breakdown of our team’s activity to demonstrate where your time is being spent.

>> Do you have a notice period if we want to cancel?

Yes. We work on a three-month notice period for retained clients, following a three month probation period.

>> Is there a mark-up on bought-in costs?

As a policy any additional services – such as photography, website design, et cetera – will incur a handling charge of 15%.

>> Is there a charge associated with proposals?

As a rule, we do not charge for proposals, as we believe our creativity and experience will convince you that we are the right PR consultants for you. Once we enter into a contract, any further projects will either fall within the consultancy time or a fixed fee will be agreed for the project.

>> I’m not based in Manchester, are you going to charge me for travel expenses?

Despite being a Manchester PR agency, Roland Dransfield works with businesses nationwide and we would be happy to discuss this with you before finalising any agreement.

Experience/Team Structure

>> Do you have relevant experience in regard to my sector?

Our team of consults are widely experienced across a diverse range of B2B and B2C sectors. Our core areas include corporate, professional services, healthcare, property, retail and leisure. We would be happy to provide relevant case studies and client testimonials to help demonstrate our experience in your area.

>> Am I going to get a dedicated account team?

Absolutely. Every account has at least one senior consultant and an associate consultant, who are committed to delivering the results you expect from your campaign.

>> How senior is the team that will be responsible for my account?

Over the last five years, Roland Dransfield has built up a ‘top-heavy’ team of consultants, which means that our clients receive the best possible level of service.

>> How involved is the MD in the day to day account management?

Lisa Morton is involved in all our accounts at a strategic level and is available at any time to discuss your account.

>> What happens if somebody goes off sick, on holiday, Or on maternity/paternity leave?

Roland Dransfield PR is a 10-strong team, which means, unlike individuals or freelancers, if one of the team is taken ill, goes on holiday or takes maternity/paternity leave – there is enough support to ensure that your campaign is not affected.


>> What services do you provide?

Our main services include media relations, strategic and digital communications, event management, corporate identity and branding,  online, sector-specific marketing and PR, content marketing and copywriting, video and content distribution, media training, blogging, social media management and consultancy.

Click here to find out more about the services we offer.

>> Do you have relevant case studies?

Yes, you can either click here to look at some of our latest client case studies or we can provide you with bespoke case studies that are most relevant to your sector.

>> Would you be able to handle crisis communications for my organisation?

Yes. We have extensive experience in dealing with crises for our clients as well as organisations that are looking for immediate support. Just some of the cases we’ve worked on have included corporate manslaughter, gross misconduct, redundancies and business administrations.

>> Do you have specific team members working on specific services?

Whilst all of our team has the experience and knowledge to work on any of our client accounts, we have dedicated specialists for each of our core areas.

>> Do you employ third-party organisations/do you outsource anything?

All of our media relations and content-led services are in-house, however we work with a number of carefully selected suppliers for services including photography, website building, specialist media training, video production and design.  We believe this benefits our clients, enabling us to select a supplier to meet their requirements and budget without being tied down.

>> Do you provide any training?

Yes, we offer a number of training packages including media training, content and copywriting and social media management.

>> Do you have experience with non-disclosure agreements and projects that require client confidentiality?

We wouldn’t have been able to stay in business had it not been for our strict adherence to client confidentiality and are happy to sign non -disclosure agreements when required.

>> What happens if I’m unhappy with the service you provided?

We sincerely hope you won’t be and have had very few negative experiences in this area to date. However, if you are in anyway feel that you are not receiving the service you expected from us, please do relay this to either your account director, or if you prefer, directly to our managing director, Lisa Morton.

>> Can you make introductions to other clients on our behalf?

Our clients are our family and so if there are any synergies, we will happily organise introductory meetings either at our office or at industry events.

Company History

>> When was the company set up?

Our managing director, Lisa Morton, started the company back in 1996.

>> What’s the company’s status?

Roland Dransfield is a limited company.

>> Have there been any negative press/stories relating to you or your employees?

No. If any issues were to arise that could potentially affect our clients, we would of course inform you.

>> Where are you based?

Our offices are in the Old Granada Studios in Manchester city centre, but we work on many national accounts.

>> How many branches do you have?

We have one office which can be found in the Old Granada Studios in Manchester city centre.

>> Which regions do you cover?

Our home is in the north-west, but we work across the UK.

>> How do you know which press/publications/bloggers operate in my area/field?

As part of Roland Dransfield’s commitment to providing the highest level of service, we are constantly identifying and updating new contacts in your fields. In addition to our wealth of experience in a diverse range of sectors, we invest in media monitoring services that keep us informed of any editorial changes or new publications/bloggers so that we can engage with them as soon as possible.

>>Which journalists do you deal with on a regular basis?

Whether it’s pitching a thought-leadership article, responding to the changing news agenda or providing comment for an upcoming feature, we are in day-to-day contact with journalists on a national, trade and regional level and take a proactive approach to sourcing potential opportunities for clients.

>> Finally, who exactly is Roland Dransfield?

Ah, the million dollar question! Roland is Lisa’s Godfather, who had such a memorable name Lisa named her company after him.


We hope the above has addressed any potential questions you might have, but if you’d like to learn more about how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We also produce regular blogs on our key focus areas, so be sure to check them out.

And if you’re keen to promote your business, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our introductory guide to marketing and PR for SMEs:

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